Company History

Year 2000

Korla Science and Technology Company

Korla Science and Technology Company(2000)

At the turn of the millennium, Mr Meng, the founder of the company, quit his job in a state-owned enterprise and joined the wave of entrepreneurship by establishing Petroleum Technology Co.

Year 2001

Henan Jianjie01

Henan Jianjie(2001)

The development and growth of the group can not be separated from the support of the market public, adhering to the sense of mission to return the community, Meng always bring the funds and opportunities back to their hometowns, to lead everyone to the road to prosperity ......

Year 2008

Henan Jianjie

Henan Jianjie(2008)

Petroleum Science and Technology Company developed smoothly, Mr Meng stepped into the age of puzzlement, found that the binder market opportunities, choose the Central Plains hinterland to develop the market.

Year 2022

Sichuan Jianjie

Sichuan Jianjie(2022)

The foreign trade company was established, which dares to innovate, break the traditional sales model, and actively forge ahead to explore the global market.

The introduction of fully automated production equipment in Dazhou plant, covering the Northwest and Southwest markets, with an annual production capacity of 250,000 tonnes, escorting the Group's development.

Year 2023

Jianjie Group

Jianjie Group(2023)

Co-operate with professors of universities in the province to integrate the company's product system. Break the previous product with the industry's thinking mode, first-class products to revolutionise the industry thinking, explore the development.