Binder for Briquette of RHF Dezincification Dedusting Ash

Product Description:

Jianjie® binder for pellet of RHF dezincification dedusting ash is a mixture of multiple environment-friendly polymer materials. Less binder for more product. It features low dosage, low ash content, high binding strength, high forming rate, high strength, no disintegration and no pulverization at high temperature. Resulting pellets feature high temperature resistance, high reduction performance, high zinc reduction and high metallization.

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Steel plant dedusting ash containing zinc.

Product Specification

Executive Standard: Q/HJSY 001-2022

Binder Technical Specification




Fluid powder

Fineness: (-250μm)(%)


Moisture Content (%)




Bulk Density (g/L)


Viscosity (mPa·s)


RHF dezincification dedusting ash binders are special binders for bonding zinc-containing dust ash.

This innovative technology has been widely adopted by the metallurgical industry to effectively recover and utilize iron and zinc resources from metallurgical waste in order to improve resource sustainability, while reducing production costs and increasing enterprise output. In addition, these binders are better than traditional inorganic binders because they add less, have stronger adhesion, higher pellet formation rate and less fines.

The pellets produced by using metal ore powder pellet binders have sufficient mechanical strength for production and transit, and the process flow is less, occupying a small area, with less engineering investment, simple equipment composition, stable and reliable operation, and low production cost. Through this process, the zinc metal is recovered and most of the lead, potassium, sodium and other harmful elements are removed; at the same time, the enrichment of zinc in the blast furnace prevents the upper part of the blast furnace from tumor, the furnace wall from cracking and even blocking the gas pipeline, and increases the permeability of the column, which is conducive to the smooth production and long life of the blast furnace.

Product Characteristics

High Professionalism:
It is used specially to pelletize dedusting ash in steel plant. It delivers high binding performance. Metallized pellets can satisfy requirements of blast furnace and stop cyclic zinc enrichment from causing scabbing, tuyere deformation and other problems that may cause roof temperature rises.

Calcium Oxide Resistance:
It can bind with calcium oxide in zinc-containing dedusting ash. The resulting pellets can resist cracking, disintegration and pulverization resulting from residual calcium oxide and increase wet/cold strength.

Good Effect:
Each ton of binder can produce 25-50 tons of pellets. High forming rate (98%). High dry cold strength (80 kg or higher). No disintegration, low pulverization percentage, high reduction performance and high metallization performance (80%).

Cost Reduction:
Less binder for more products, high binding strength, cold-pressing, simple process, low-cost equipment and low production cost.

Energy Efficiency and Environment-Friendliness.

Product Maintenance


Package with 25kg woven bags or tonne bags.


Store the bags at a cool, aired and dry place.
Put them on a damp-proof cushion or pallet.
Exposure to the sun or rain is strictly prohibited.


Keep from rain and damp.
Keep the bag intact, dry and clean.

Our Services

We can customise the solutions according to the needs of customers, provide supporting services such as production line design and equipment upgrade, adjust the parameters of the product according to their trial situation, and realise the performance and feasibility demanded by the customers. We have a professional team of experts with extensive theory and engineering practice experience specialising in binder engineering research and development, engineering design, manufacturing, technical support. We provide technical consultation, scheme design, product manufacturing, equipment selection and procurement, installation and commissioning, binder supply and production operation, and after-sales service. We also provide "turnkey" solutions, either as EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) service or staged EPC service.

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