New Type of Binder for H2 Based Green Steel Making

Pelletizing is the technique of rolling fine-grained iron ore concentrates with adequate size distribution into small balls of the desired size using a wetting agent and a binder.The most common and traditional binder is bentonite; the wetting agent is usually water.Bentonite consists of alumina and silica and is generally added at a concentration between0.5 and 1.5% of the iron ore concentrate. This increases the gangue materials of ironore and consequently decreases the iron content. The addition of 1% bentonite decreases the iron content by about 7 kg/ton of iron ore. Currently, 3.2 Mt of bentonite is used for pelletizing iron for ironmaking. Lime also has to be added while pelletizing with bentonite to adjust the basicity, which increases the amount of slag generated and the CO2 emissions. For every ton of crude steel produced, approximately 500 kg of solid wastes (slag) are generated. One possible solution to reduce the undesirable gangue constituents, including alumina, silica, and calcium, in the final product is to explore alternative binders that can replace or decrease the usage of bentonite.

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Several studies and research have already been conducted to test organic binders as alternative binders to bentonite. A combination of boron compounds with organic binders such as carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), starch, dextrin, and some organic based binders was tested . It was found that the produced pellets show a good metallurgical and chemical quality when compared with bentonite-bonded reference pellets. Moreover, CMC organic binder was used to produce iron ore pellets, and it showed better mechanical properties and satisfactory metallurgical properties when compared with bentonite. The only problem was with its fired compressive strength and tumbling resistance. Moreover, there are several organic binders markedly accessible for iron ore pelletization such as BASF’s Alcotac® CS and FE-16, which have been successfully used as alternatives for bentonite for iron ore pelletization. Additionally, the polymerbased binder, KemPel™ from Kemira, has shown promising results in partially replacing bentonite without compromising pellet qualities and properties .

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Jianjie Composite organic binder can partially reduce the dosage of bentonite and rise the CCS of pellets,and improve the performance in drop test and the metallurgical performance.

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Post time: Jan-26-2024