Reuse of Sinter Fines – Sinter Fines Binder

1、Technical Ideas

Take the sinter fines as the main raw material, add iron powder, steel slag and other iron-containing raw materials for batching according to the proportion, and then add the exclusive binder and water into it, and then press and mould it after mixing evenly, and then send the pressed green briquettes into the drying equipment to get rid of the water. The cold-pressed briquettes obtained in the above steps have good performance, and they are transferred to the storage workshop for storage, and sent to the blast furnace or converter for smelting.

Reuse of Sinter Fines - Sinter Fines


2、Solidification Mechanism

The use of external forces to destroy the “bridge effect” formed by the friction and mechanical bite force between the sintered ore, iron powder and other powder particles in the mould, so that the particles in the raw material move in their own favourable direction, rearrange, fill the pores between the powder particles and make them gradually dense, and the large particles are wrapped and bonded and linked by the small particles under the action of the specially binder, so as to form a mould. Under the action of the specially developed binder, the large particles are wrapped and bonded by the small particles, thus moulding into blocks. Drying is carried out at a temperature of 200°C, during which new phases are produced and the remineralised particles are bonded together with other powder particles. The main influencing factors: 1) material base characteristics; 2) binder performance; 3) mixing time; 4) drying and consolidation method.

Performance indicators:


2.Hot burst index DI-6.3≤10%, Reduction disintigrity pulverisation index RDI+3.15≥65%, reduction expansion index≤20%;

3. Briquettes strength at room temperature ≥ 2500N / one, moisture ≤ 2%;

4.binder performance is stable, the product shape is regular, uniform particle size.

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Post time: Dec-07-2023