How much do you know about how to use mill scale?—–The Mill Scale Binder

Mill scale is a by-product of steelmaking and steel rolling, and it is the scales that fall off the iron during steel refining and cold extraction. It is an oxide of iron, mainly iron oxide and ferrous oxide, with an iron content of about 70%.

Generally, there are two ways to use mill scale : one is to use it as an auxiliary material for sintering, and the other is to treat the mill scale with binder pressure briquettes and directly supply it to steelmaking as a slagging agent, which has the functions of slagging , temperature adjustment , and reduce the cost of steelmaking.

There is a hardness standard before the iron oxide briquettes are put into the furnace. The purpose is to consider from the perspective of the smelting furnace to avoid disintegration during feeding and increase the thickness of the slag layer, which has a negative effect.

Mill scales binders and auxiliary materials are added to the converter by pressing briquettes, which have a strong slag-forming and temperature-regulating effect. Some steel mills also mix pulverized iron ore powder after magnetic separation for pressing briquettes, realizing the short-process utilization of steel slag , and Adding a small amount of steel slag powder to sinter also reduces the pressure of high phosphorus in blast furnace hot metal, optimizes raw material conditions, facilitates operation, improves technical indicators, and reduces costs.

Mill scale binder features:

1. The dosage is small, the viscosity is high, the briquette forming rate is high, and the cost is lost

2. No increase in ash content, no reduction in grade, no increase in phosphorus and sulfur, and very few side effects

3. The operation is simple, just mix the raw material and the binder evenly, add water and stir evenly, and then enter the briquette machine for forming

4. The wet strength is 2 meters, it will not break or disperse, the dry briquette strength is more than 100 kg, and the drying breakage rate is low

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The Mill Scale Binder

Post time: May-30-2023