Pre-gelatinized Maize Starch

Product Description:

Jianjie® alpha starch is a modified version of maize starch. It excels in solution thickening, water solubility, suspendability, gelatin solution stability, film forming ability, water retention and binding effect. It quickly dissolves in cold water and dispenses with the complexity of heating-based gelatinization. It extensively used in metallurgy, coal briquette, construction material, metal casting, animal feed, oil production and fertilizer.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Range of Application

Metallurgy, coal briquette, construction, foundry, animal feed, oil drilling and fertilizer.

Product Specification

Executive Standard: Q/HJSY 001-2022

Alpha Starch Technical Specification




Off white or white; shiny


Inherent smell; no unpleasant odor


No visible impurity in normal vision

Moisture Content (%)

≤ 12.0

Ash content (dry basis ; %)

≤ 0.4

pH (10g/L solution)


Degree of gelatinization


Swelling in cold water


Product Characteristics

Quick dissolution in cold water, high binding strength, quick thickening, cost reduction, easy operation, energy efficiency, environment-friendliness and wide range of uses.

Product Maintenance


Package with 25kg woven bags or tonne bags.


Store the bags at a cool, aired and dry place.
Put them on a damp-proof cushion or pallet.
Exposure to the sun or rain is strictly prohibited.


Keep from rain and damp.
Keep the bag intact, dry and clean.

Our Services

We can customise the solutions according to the needs of customers, provide supporting services such as production line design and equipment upgrade, adjust the parameters of the product according to their trial situation, and realise the performance and feasibility demanded by the customers. We have a professional team of experts with extensive theory and engineering practice experience specialising in binder engineering research and development, engineering design, manufacturing, technical support. We provide technical consultation, scheme design, product manufacturing, equipment selection and procurement, installation and commissioning, binder supply and production operation, and after-sales service. We also provide "turnkey" solutions, either as EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) service or staged EPC service.

Our Factory

Jianjie Group invested 15 million USD to build a new composite material production base and automated production line in Dazhou, Sichuan Province.
It covers an area of more than 13,300 square meters and has nearly two hundred employees. We focus on binder industry for 20 years and our products are exported to more than 15 countries.With an annual production capacity of up to 300,000 tons, the production scale is among the top in the same industry in China.
Our main products are pre-gelatinized starch, air dried pellet binder, dedusting ash pellet binder, RHF dezincification deusting ash binder, carbon additive binder, metallurgical furnace binder, drilling fluid filter loss reduction agent, coke powder binder, etc.

Service Process




What are the advantages of your products?

Our products have strong product adhesion, high forming rate & anti-calcium properties, and are also environmentally friendly & cost-effective.

Can you solve the problem of poor strength of my product?

Yes, we can. Our binder can increase strength and viscocity.Customised products are also available according to your requirements.

What is the shelf life of your products?

One year.


How about your delivery and transportation time?

It normally takes 3-5 working days for production.It usually takes 30-45 days by sea to your port .

What is your term of delivery?

Our term of delivery are FOB , CFR and CIF.

What is your terms of package?

25KG per plastic woven bag or 1000KG per plastic woven bag.

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