Pulverization Rate Decreasing Binder of Sintering

Product Description:

Jianjie® organic binder for sintering is a composite material synthesized by adding some organic polymer materials, and has the properties of hydrophilicity, complexation and high bonding. It can effectively replace the CaO, and is widely used in iron ore sintering.This type of binder can decrease the pulverization reate of sintering and rise the production efficiency of sintering  machine.

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Range of Application

Used in pellets of various concentrated iron ores.

Product Specification

Executive Standard: Q/HJSY 001-2022

Binder Technical Specifications



Water content (%)


Ash (%)


Fineness (-75μm)(%)


Expansion Capacity (mL/g)


Colloid Index (mL/15g)




Product Characteristics

This product is specially developed for pellets of various iron ore powders, and has high water-absorbing swelling and bonding properties. The amount added during use is far lower than the traditional bentonite binder; furthermore, the green pellet has high compressive strength and strong drop resistance.

The iron grade of the pellets after baking is higher than that produced by traditional binders; the thermal stability of the furnace is good, which reduces the low-temperature reduction pulverization ratio and the amount of powder, which is beneficial to blast furnace operation.

Compared with traditional bentonite binder, the content of silicon and aluminum is lower, and the porosity is significantly improved, which is beneficial to redox and reduces the energy consumption of production.

Product Maintenance


Package with 25kg woven bags or tonne bags.


Store the bags at a cool, aired and dry place.
Put them on a damp-proof cushion or pallet.
Exposure to the sun or rain is strictly prohibited.


Keep from rain and damp.
Keep the bag intact, dry and clean.

Our Services

We can customise the solutions according to the needs of customers, provide supporting services such as production line design and equipment upgrade, adjust the parameters of the product according to their trial situation, and realise the performance and feasibility demanded by the customers. We have a professional team of experts with extensive theory and engineering practice experience specialising in binder engineering research and development, engineering design, manufacturing, technical support. We provide technical consultation, scheme design, product manufacturing, equipment selection and procurement, installation and commissioning, binder supply and production operation, and after-sales service. We also provide "turnkey" solutions, either as EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) service or staged EPC service.

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