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Dr.Bizhanov joined Jianjie Group in September 2023 as our Technical consultant.As a specialist with over twenty years of experience in the agglomeration industry, Dr. Bizhanov's expertise and capabilities are outstanding.

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Dr. Bizhanov holds numerous patents in the field for the development of new metallurgical technologies. These have included the briquetting of the natural and anthropogenic iron-containing materials of ferrous metallurgy based on vibration and extrusion, the purification of the oily mill scale by the strong magnetic field, and iron and zinc extraction from metallurgical sludge by the vortex bed apparatus in the presence of strong magnetic fields. Additionally, Dr. Bizhanov has co-authored several publications such as "Modern Technologies for Briquetting in ferrous Metallurgy" with Sergey Zagainov, "Agglomeration in Metallurgy" with Valentina Chizhikova and "Stiff Extrusion Briquetting in Metallurgy" with Ivan Kurunov, as well as more than 60 papers concentrating on various aspects of the field. His scientific results allow briquetting to be considered as a possible alternative to the environmentally harmful sintering technology that currently dominates.

Dr. Bizhanov excels in metallurgy due to his extensive industry experience and his education, including a Doctor of Philosophy from the National University of Technology in Russia. In order to remain aware of changes in the field, he affiliates himself with the Association for Iron and Steel Technology (AIST) and with the Institute for Briquetting and Agglomeration (IBA).

Blow are some of Dr.Bizhanov’s books and papers:

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