Binder for Pellet in H2 Based Iron and Steel Making

The transformation from traditional iron- and steelmaking technologies to green H2-based new technologies will require an improvement in the quality and purity of iron ore burden materials.Iron ore pellets are essential inputs for producing direct reduced iron (DRI), but the conventional binders, used in iron ore pelletizing, introduce gangue oxides to the DRI and consequently increase the slag generation and energy consumption in the steelmaking unit. Partial and/or full replacement of the traditional binders with novel organic binders would significantly contribute to improving the process efficiency, particularly in the next-generation H2-based direct reduction technology. Some study show the influence of binder type, binder dosage, and moisture content on the characteristics and properties of the pellets. The efficiency of binders was characterized by the moisture content,drop number test, cold compression strength, and H2 reduction of pellets. For dry pellets, CMS was superior among other binders including bentonite in developing dry strength. After firing,the pellets produced by the partial replacement of bentonite with 0.1 wt.% KemPel demonstrate a performance nearly identical to the reference pellets. While the complete replacement of bentonite with organic binder shows a lower performance of fired pellets compared to the reference, it may still be suitable for use in DR shaft furnaces. The cold-bonded pellets demonstrate a superior reduction rate compared to fired pellets

Binder for Pellet in H2 Based Iron and Steel Making2

Jianjie organic binder is an innovative product that achieves high-quality pellets, improves production efficiency, earns higher economic benefits and stands out in the market competition. It has the following advantages as your reference:

1. Replace bentonite ,reduce SiO2 and Al2O3 content.
2. Less dosage,higher compressive strength.
3. Remain a higher TFE comparing with traditional binders.
4. Reduce the low-temperature reduction pulverization rate(RDI).
5. Decrease accretions or fused pellets in kiln and furnace.

Less energy will be consumed,energy conservation and pollution reduction

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Post time: Feb-01-2024