The Key Role of Coke Powder Binder in the Recycling of Pulverized Coke Part two


Compared with carbonization (bitumen) and humic acid, our pulverized coke binder technology has obvious advantages:

1. High strength: This technology uses ordinary briquetting machine, and our pulverized coke binder is added in the process. The cold strength is generally 65--100 kg/briquette, and the hot strength is generally up to 130kg-160kg/briquette. Higher can reach 200~250 kg/briquette; high temperature resistance is around 1200-1550 degrees.

2. The production process is short: our pulverized coke binder and coke powder are mixed in proportion, fully stirred evenly, extruded by a briquetting machine, and then dried to form a coke product, and pitch is used as a pulverized coke binder Bonding requires heating, forming, carbonization and other processes to form coke, and the cost of forming coke is 2-3 times higher than that of this technology.

3.Environmental protection and pollution-free. Jianjie Group's pulverized coke binder technology produces coke, from stirring, molding to drying (or drying) and storage, without generating additional waste, and achieving clean production.

4. Coke is the main fuel of the iron-making industry. With the rapid development of iron and steel enterprises, the demand for coke lumps increases accordingly. Coupled with the shortage of coal resources in recent years, the price of coke lumps increases year by year. Coke will produce a large amount of powder (coke powder) during the production and crushing process, and the coke powder will be cold-pressed with a pulverized coke binder to replace coke briquettes. It not only reduces the cost of steel production to a certain extent, but also can effectively alleviate the problem of coke briquette tension.

After repeated practice, our company has developed an binder suitable for cold pressing of coke powder and blue charcoal powder, which has strong cohesiveness, activity and adsorption, and has certain high temperature resistance.


1. Small dosage

The plasticity of coke powder is poor, and it is difficult to form with general binders. The addition of Jianjie's pulverized coke binder only needs 4-5% to meet the requirements. 1 ton of pulverized coke binder can produce 20-25 tons briquettes,excellent performance

2. High forming rate and high strength

Briquettes or coke bricks made of pulverized coke binder, the forming rate is as high as 98%, the wet strength is 2 meters high, and it will not break when falling; the dry strength is more than 100 kg; the high temperature resistance is 1200 degrees, and the heat strength is 80 kg. above.

3. The fluctuation of fixed carbon is small.

4. The pulverized coke binder does not contain harmful elements such as sulfur, phosphorus, magnesium, etc., and the fixed carbon content decreases little.

Instructions for use

Basic formula: coke powder +pulverized coke binder + water (can be added according to raw material conditions).

Using the cold pressing molding process, the sieved coke powder and an appropriate amount of pulverized coke binder are first mixed and stirred, and then mixed with water after uniformity; the pressure ball is formed and dried for use.

Post time: May-15-2023